Introduction to Secondary Glazing

Around 1/5 of heat loss from a house is through its windows. Sash windows are a prime example that are particularly prone to draughts. For many households, replacing old single glazing with double glazed units is both disruptive and expensive but a cost-effective way of reducing the heat loss whilst retaining the inherent character of traditional windows involves Secondary Glazing. 

Our secondary glazing solution incorporates an aluminium frame (glazed) and a high quality timber sub-frame. It can be powder coated to any RAL colour type and normally fits into the window reveal – ideally with a gap of 100mm to the external window. It is a complete second window, which can either slide or tilt open, or remain fixed but removable.

Who will benefit and how?

Secondary Glazing is a perfect solution for listed or period property where modern double glazed solutions are either “out of keeping”, restricted by planning or simply not wanted. It is also worth strong consideration when the price of replacement is prohibitive.

Replacing the entire window with a modern alternative such as aluminium or uPVC is often considered but it can destroy the character of the property, is costly, and normally very disruptive on installation. All of these issues are avoided with secondary glazing solutions.

The main benefits of a professionally installed secondary glazing system is the reduction in heat loss, noise reduction and added security with optional secondary locking.

How do I choose the right solution?

Conceptually secondary glazing is a very straightforward proposition however there are quite a few different solutions and suppliers which can make decision-making very difficult.

We would always recommend talking with a specialist secondary glazing supplier like Craft Glass who can explain the pros and cons based on your property.  They will also be able to show you real samples and reference completed customer projects. 

We are very particular about the quality and finish of the solutions provided so after 12 month trial, we selected one of the market leading systems to use in our installations and to date, all of the feedback has been excellent.