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We provide a wide variety of styles to suit just about every secondary window application, including Horizontal Sliders, Hinged Units, Fixed and Lift-Out Units, Vertical Sliders, Balanced Vertical Sliders and Tilt-in Balanced Vertical Sliders.

Our range of Secondary Glazing consists of a slim aluminium outer frame that is joined to a seasoned hardwood surround, usually all finished in white, and that allows for a neat, unobtrusive installation.

The aluminium and timber surround can be colour matched to your existing paintwork or decor – using a RAL colour. This helps when installing into listed or period properties where aesthetics are extremely important.

The product range also caters for a wide range of glass types such as clear, patterned, toughened, laminated and acoustic.

Laminated is a good option where extra noise insulation or indeed security is required. Another advantage is that locks can be added to the secondary glazing system (optional).

Lift Out Secondary Glazing

Economically, the Lift Out is the lowest cost type of secondary glazing available. Mainly installed when limited access to the primary window is required, for example a window whose main purpose is providing light to a room. As its name implies, it simply lifts out of a secured channel. For practical purposes, it is advised that the sash size be considered since the weight of glass must be of manageable proportions. Each sash is manufactured with double brush pile seal to further insulate.

Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing

The Horizontal Slider is the most common configuration of secondary glazing fitted. Our system is available in two, three or four panelled versions and the sashes are fitted with brass rollers, ensuring the smoothest sliding action. Twin brush seals provide excellent sealing efficiency. This has been scientifically proven to eliminate draughts, and increase thermal insulation. Security can be further enhanced with the use of the latest locks and handles.

Hinged Unit Secondary Glazing

Hinged casement windows allow complete and easy access to the outer window. They are neat and unobtrusive with no transoms or mullions to obstruct the view and can be manufactured in two main types. The single hinged unit opens on a restricting friction stay. For larger apertures, the friction stay is replaced with a butt hinge. The double hinged unit has been primarily designed to fit in front of larger Windows or French Doors, utilising the same range of hinges.

Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing

The Balanced Vertical Slider is the most complex type of secondary glazing system. It is used mainly in older properties and particularly suited to sash windows. There are individually pre-tensioned spiral spring balances that control the motion of the sash, enabling infinite vertical positioning. The design provides ease of movement and has been specially developed to withstand decades of wear and tear. Tilt in versions can be pivoted through almost 180 degrees. This is especially useful for cleaning but just as importantly can be crucial when considering fire escape requirements.